How many of us have ever bought cheap hunting boots, went hunting and lived to regret it the next day? I have but only for a few years before I wised up and only when I was younger. I haven’t forgotten what cheap boots can do to your feet or your hunt. I had blisters the size of quarters on my feet every year that I used cheap boots

The very first deer hunt I ever went on I must’ve been 11 or 12 years old. My father owned his own business so he was always busy at that time. He waited and procrastinated until the day before the hunt and then decided to buy me my first pair of cheap boots. Even then he had my mom go and buy them for me. I still remember him calling me on the phone that day and saying, “walk around the farm with those boots on and break them in, we’re going hunting tomorrow”. My father wasn’t a farmer but everyone around us was. Well I strapped on those boots and did the best I could. The next day rolls around and we hike straight up this nasty mountain for 2 hours. He ended up bagging a decent two-point buck. However the next day my feet hurt so bad I couldn’t walk normal for two days.

For the next 8 years or so and out of ignorance I kept buying those cheap leather boots that K-Mart would sell for $29.95. Wal-mart hadn’t made it to Utah yet. Keep in mind this was back in the early to mid 90’s before the great selection of boots came out that we have now.

Picking the right boot can and will make or break your hunt. If you’re wearing cheap boots, or boots that don’t quite fit your feet correctly you can end up in pain or have to stop your hunt early. I’ve even bought boots that were expensive that turned out to be a huge mistake. Sometimes it’s tough to gauge which boots will work and which ones won’t. If you find a brand of boot that is comfortable, durable and works great then by all means stick with it. I’ve only switched brands once or twice over the years either because the store didn’t have what I wanted or I wanted to try something new. I lived to regret it.

When you’re in the Rocky Mountains and you’re putting anywhere from 5 to 10 miles a day on your feet, having good quality boots is not a luxury it’s essential. The Rocky Mountains hold some of the most rugged country in America. If you’re feet give out because of bad boots not only can your life be danger depending on how cold it is and far away you are from your camp or the road. But at the very least your hunt will most definitely be ruined.

Picking the right brand of boot for your feet is very important. Especially if you plan on hunting out west in the Rockies. There are so many brands and variations of boots out there. When you find one that works for you the best advice is to use that brand as long as you can. And as long as they’re making quality boots that work for you.

Nowadays we have the best boot selection on earth. Just walk into any Cabela’s or Sportsman’s Warehouse and take your pick. Choose wisely or your feet might live to regret it.

I can still remember when I bought my first $130 pair of Browning boots. Those were the best boots I’ve ever had. The goretex in them lasted me 5 years and I still have them. Hunting Boots And I still think about those boots to this day with a grin on my face. I put a lot of miles in those boots and harvested my first bull elk in them. Boots in a way are like your rifle, you come to love them and they’ll take care of you if you take care of them. Boots can be your best friend or your worst enemy.


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